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At one time or another in Albany, New York we’ve all heard that our dogs need a Dog Walker to be taken for walks.  But how many of us in Albany, New York really understand the reasons why it’s so important?  Ask most people in Albany, New York why a Dog Walker is important for their Dog and they will tell you its exercise. Sure Dog Walkers in Albany, New York exercise your dog, but this also aids in training your dog, and releasing excess energy leading to a calmer more submissive Dog. Dog Walkers in Albany, New York know that walking helps your dog fulfill the natural instinct to roam. Dogs are working thinking animals and need to be exposed to lots of sights and smells to keep them mentality challenged and alert, your Albany New York dog walker would love to discuss the benefits with you. Walking helps build social skills and increase confidence in your dog. Regular dog walks will give you a calmer more submissive companion with a longer lifespan.    

It is with great sorrow and regret that because of

 John's passsing on Christmas Night (2013) the

 business is temporarily closed.  

 Thank you for your Understanding.


Critters Choice is a family owned business taking care of all your pet sitting needs. We specialize in one thing... taking good care of your pets while you are away from home. A professional pet sitter will love them when you have to leave them!

pic_1Why Choose a Pet Sitter?

With a Professional Pet Sitter, you can travel with the peace of mind knowing that your pets and home are in loving, capable hands. More


In addition to caring for your pets during extended trips, we also offer mid-day dog walks and a pet taxi service. More


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